Astron is a full service telephone and broadband retailer who have been providing services to Australian residences and businesses since 1996. We are a member of all the telecommunication industry organisations such as the Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman(TIO) and CommCom, the organisation responsible for ensuring that telephone service providers comply with the Telecommunication Protection Code (TCP) introduced by the government in 2012.
Astron is based in Chatswood Sydney and provides services Australia wide.

Phone and Voice

No. Everything will remain exactly as it is now including any of the value added services that you currently have on your telephone such as message bank, call waiting etc. Please note that if you do have these services on your telephone now you will be charged for them.
Usually it will only take 2- 3 weeks. Once your service is switched to Astron we will send to you a confirmation letter, confirming that the service has been switched and the plan you are on.
If an Astron sales representative has approached you, yes you can. You will have 10 business days cooling off before Astron will begin the process to switch the service over.
Please call Astron on 1300 72 42 72 during customers service hours. We will log a fault with our network provider on your behalf to get the issues resolved as quickly as possible.
Yes, we do. If you want a new connection please call Astron on 1300 72 42 72 to discuss.


You will be billed monthly, based on a calendar month.
Typically you will receive it by the middle of each month and have 14 days to pay.
The Astron billing cycle is monthly. Usually any service component such as line rental or a broadband fee will be charged one month in advance while usage charges such as calls are charged in arrears. If you join Astron in the middle of a month Astron’s policy is to charge any service fee for the rest of the month you joined plus the next month in full. This is called pro-rata invoicing.
Astron customers can pay by a variety of ways. They can pay in New South Wales by visiting a branch of St George bank, presenting the Astron invoice payment slip and paying over the counter. In the rest of Australia, they can pay by visiting a branch of the Commonwealth Bank, presenting the Astron invoice and paying over the counter. Customers can also pay by mail, posting a cheque to Astron, by telephone by calling 1300 13 13 84 and paying by credit card or by BPAY.
A reminder letter will be sent within a couple of days after the due date to remind you to pay. You will then need to pay your invoice immediately.
You will receive a final reminder letter and you will be charged a late payment fee.

Astron Broadband

As all Astron broadband services are contracted there is an initial 2 week cooling off period. Once this is complete it will usually take 2-3 weeks before you will receive a modem from Astron. Upon receipt of your modem you can usually install it once your existing broadband service stops working.
You can check if NBN is available using your address.
Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) is used when an optic fibre line will be run from the nearest available fibre node, to your premises. FTTP also requires an nbn™ network device to be installed inside your home. This device requires power to operate and can only be installed by an approved nbn™ Installer or service provider. FTTP is an nbn™ Fixed Line connection.
Fibre to the Node (FTTN) uses VDSL2 to deliver the NBN to your home. FTTN is used when the existing copper network makes the final part of the nbn™ network connection from a nearby node to your premises. FTTN installations use a VDSL2 modem is your property and the NBN don't need to install a network device inside or outside your home. FTTN is an nbn™ Fixed Line connection.
Astron will automatically supply you with a new pre-configured modem on some plans. However, if you want you may use your existing modem but you would need to change all the settings.
Astron will help you with basic troubleshooting of your internet. For example, we will help you check to make sure the cables are connected correctly. We can also provide you with the settings you need to connect. For example, we can confirm your internet username/password. You will need to know how to enter and change all the settings in your modem. If you are unsure, you will need to check with the manufacturer of your modem.
No, we do not. So if you need a static IP then Astron’s broadband service is not suitable for you.
Yes, but only over the phone for the equipment we have supplied. If you need assistance please contact us on 1300 72 42 72 during customer service hours. You will also find full setup guides are included in the package we send to you when you first join.
Filters are devices which ensure that you telephone is not affected by the broadband. Essentially they separate the two signals- one for calls and one for data.
Filters prevent the other telephony devices such as your phone, Back-to-Base alarm, faxes, etc. interrupting your ADSL service.

You will need a central filter if your ADSL modem and the phone are connected to the same wall socket. Any other sockets with additional devices will require an inline filter to be connected.
Most issues can be fixed by simply power cycling your modem and/or rebooting your computer.

To do so simply power off your modem using the power button generally located at the back of the device, wait a few seconds and turn it back on giving it a few minutes to boot up and attempt to connect.
This indicates the modem is not getting any ADSL signal or is not in sync; this is a must for the modem to be able to connect to the internet.

You will need to check the phone cable is connected to your ADSL modem correctly and to the wall socket without a filter connected to the line, and if using a Central or Splitter filter then ensure that the phone cable connecting the ADSL modem is connected to the ADSL socket of the filter and not on the phone side.

Please check if there are any unfiltered devices on the wall sockets such as phone, fax machine, Foxtel, B2B alarm system, etc.

If everything is connected correctly, try isolating your ADSL modem - this is done by disconnecting all the telephony devices that connect to wall socket except for your ADSL modem which will connect directly to the wall socket with any filters.
Often times users may press the reset button found on the back of the modem to restart it. The reset button will restore the modem to factory default and remove any pre-programmed settings required to connect to the internet, such as the username and password. If this happens please call our Technical Support team during Customer Service hours on 1300724272 for further assistance.
This can relate to the settings that are input into your modem, you will need to confirm that the correct settings are entered and that you are using the correct username and password. You can contact us during customer service hours on 1300 72 42 72 for this information.

You can also try power cycling your modem by powering it off and on again after a few seconds.
The incorrect call out fee is a charge applied if the fault was caused by your own private equipment or is found to be within the premises. An example of this would be if your phone cable connecting to your ADSL modem was faulty you would then be charged the fee as it is your equipment and could have been resolved without the need to send out a field technician to investigate this. If the fault was found to be with the copper outside in the street this would not be your responsibility and therefore no charge would apply.
Yes, there is a Reasonable Use Policy. Please click here to view the full policy.

Internet Performance

Number of devices in the home
Demand for available bandwidth increases as more users join the network. If a you have a few members in the household all using devices at the same time this will impact the speed.

Location of the modem or router
User experience and performance can be impacted if the modem or Wi-Fi routers are some distance from the common locations of device use, or if it is behind several walls.

Viruses & Malware
Viruses, malware and browser add-ons may consume significant system resources and adversely affect Internet speed.

Peak Network Times
The evening hours are like peak hour for Internet traffic. Increased traffic on the network may result in reduced speeds during this time.

Your Neighbours
An unsecured network, with no password, can be used by anyone in the vicinity and significantly reduce your speed. Secure your network with WPA2/AES to ensure only authorised users are accessing your network.


To maintain security on your computer, Astron recommends that you:
  • Protect your password; keep it secure
  • Avoid common words, names and dates
  • Change it regularly and do not store it on your computer
  • Use current anti-virus and firewall software
  • Do not open suspicious emails or files from unknown sources
  • Protect your family or business from unsuitable internet content and password protect your wireless modem connection.
Unfortunately, computer viruses are part of the internet. Viruses, Trojans and worms can damage your computer settings and cost time, money and effort to rectify. It is recommended that you purchase and install a reputable anti-virus software package to protect you and your PC.
The most common way criminals access people’s computers are by sending them emails. Always be very careful when opening e-mails from people you don't know. They may contain harmful viruses that can damage your computer settings. You should use "Shift Delete" rather than just the "Delete" key to get rid of suspect e-mails. Email is the primary access entry point of viruses to your PC. Be wary of where you leave your email address when signing up to unofficial websites.
Some websites need a lot of traffic to flow between your PC and their site to function. You need to be conscious of these sites. Gaming and streaming video sites are typically high usage sites.
Security of your computer and your Astron account is your responsibility and you can greatly reduce your risk by taking a few basic precautions. Remember, when you are connected to the internet, the internet is connected to you. Keep your password and personal details secure. Never give your details to anyone.